Delta Bike Project

This is Lil' Slim with his bike—his sole means of transportation—from the Delta Bike Project in Mobile, Alabama.

A couple years ago, the DBP opened as a members-only bike shop; by paying monthly dues, bikers gained access to tools and a place to work. The business had hobbyists and enthusiasts in mind.

Within weeks of opening, however, one of the founders repaired the bicycle of one of Mobile's less fortunate—as a favor. The next morning, people were lined up with rusty two-wheelers, looking for help.

Immediately, the founders of DBP recognized a community need, so they switched directions, became a non-profit organization, and have since been supplying the community of Mobile with transportation, recreation, and simple work opportunities.

Some earn a new set of wheels through working in the shop. Others might purchase a refurbished oldie for about $50. All the bikes at DBP are donated by people in the community, repaired by volunteer staff, and then sent out with a new set of wings, so to speak. All funds raised from sales keep the project alive. And as long as DBP is alive, the folks of Mobile, like Slim here, enjoy a better quality of life.