The Radical and Remarkable

Know somebody awesome? I want to hear about it.

I believe we can make a difference in the world by making small contributions to our communities, and I want to learn from others who are doing so.

If you know somebody doing radical or remarkable things, tell me about it. Not every story will be told, but maybe we can highlight some real difference-makers.

What should you look for? Well, it's one of those things—you know it when you see it. But here are a few distinguishing marks I've noticed:

  • People that exude the belief: I've got one life to live, and I'm gonna live it.
  • People who are extremely generous or compassionate.
  • People who have overcome extreme adversity or endured severe hardships.
  • People whose lives aren't marked by complexity, but by a simplicity and purity in their attitude and lifestyle.
  • People who haven't necessarily achieved popular recognition despite their impact; they just go about doing their work, not worrying whether others notice.
  • People dedicated to a cause or idea—be it art, justice, education, health, environmentalism, whatever—and they live their cause honestly.

You might look to neighbors, teachers, artists, coaches, businesspersons, athletes, nurses—everyday people that either inspire others to do more by sheer example of their living, or positively affect others through direct action.

Anyway, you get the idea. I'm not looking for TED talks. I'm looking for exceptional "undiscovered" people from your communities. And then—with your help, hopefully—I want to illuminate what sets these folks apart.

So who do you know?