The Night Moves (Fuji Acros 100 at Night)

A few nighttime photos made with Fuji Acros 100, in and around Provo, Utah, during winter 2017. Also some favored quotes by some favored criminals and thinkers.


One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

—Carl Jung


If you feel alive in a darkened room
Do you know the name of your solitude
If you ain't got the answer
If you don't know the truth
If you want the power
Then let it flow through

—Glenn Danzig


And once a man has seen it, the world can never afterwards be quite the same straightforward place.

—Colin Wilson


Do you affirm this existence in the depths of your heart? Is it sufficient for you? Would you be its advocate, its redeemer? For you have only to pronounce a single heartfelt Yes!—and life, though it faces such heavy accusations, shall go free.

—Friedrich Nietzsche


Chant and pray
since the day may begin badly
in a soggy light that moistens the soul before consciousness has cracked
so every thought is damp as an anxious forehead
desire won't spark
and the morning prick is limp
consequently, speak and praise
for the fall of the spirit
descending like a diver toward the floor of the ocean
is marked by increasing darkness
green giving way to navy
then a hair-wide range of hues which come to rest
among snowing fish and plants pale as paper
in a sightless night

—William Gass


As the witnesses to your life diminish, there is less corroboration, and therefore less certainty, as to what you are or have been.

—Julian Barnes


So hollow and ineffectual, for the most part, is our ordinary conversation. Surface meets surface. When our life ceases to be inward and private, conversation degenerates into mere gossip. We rarely meet a man who can tell us any news which he has not read in a newspaper, or been told by his neighbor; and, for the most part, the only difference between us and our fellow is, that he has seen the newspaper, or been out to tea, and we have not. In proportion as our inward life fails, we go more constantly and desperately to the post office. You may depend on it, that the poor fellow who walks away with the greatest number of letters, proud of his extensive correspondence, has not heard from himself this long while.

—Henry David Thoreau


You got to realize; you're the Devil as much as you're God.

—Charles Manson


You can't study the darkness by flooding it with light.

—Edward Abbey