They Think I'm An Angel

"I take care of my mom—do the yard and cook and stuff. Oh, I'm a real good cook. And I take care of my handicapped brother and his handicapped wife. I have two neighbors that are elderly and I take care of them. And the Mormons, they just love me. They know I smoke and have a beer once in a while, but I can't go down the road without someone saying, 'Hi, Dean!' you know. And it looks like I'm kind of a hellraiser and shit, but they just see me. . . they think I'm an angel."

"Not many people are like that."

"Oh, I know. If I see someone's broke down in their car, I'll pull over and help them."


"It's kinda, like, if I do good, bad's not gonna come back to me. And I get a lot of reward from it. All the Mormons and stuff, they do a lot for me. I needed some reading glasses and they bought me some."